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"HarrisBPO manages the detail of business, accounting and document management processes, enabling companies to focus on other vital business issues. This ensures that more of our clients’ internal resources can be used for genuinely profitable, value-creating activities within their businesses."

About Our Company
HarrisBPO is the trading name of Integrated Hi-Tech Limited (registered in England 3817415 VAT No: 763128139). HarrisBPO worldwide headquarters are based in the United Kingdom in Slough, Berkshire. In addition there are over 15,000 sq ft of operations in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, India.

Why We Are Different

We provide reassurance and deliver success. HarrisBPO favours a clear initial planning process with a rigorous, comprehensive service level agreement. This ensures that we meet our customers’ expectations in terms of cost and quality.

We are flexible and responsive, adapting to our clients’ changing business needs. HarrisBPO is managed by entrepreneurial executives with significant experience of working in major corporations. We understand our clients’ needs and we know how to ensure success.

Our commitment to quality is unsurpassed. HarrisBPO has many years’ experience providing outsourcing solutions and we have built up a reputation for providing fast turn around times with a high quality, consistent service that our clients trust.

We believe that business process outsourcing should be for small companies as well as large organisations.

Our People
We employ quality staff with appropriate levels of experience, comprehensive supervision and quality control to ensure you receive the high level of service you deserve and expect.

  • All our associates are graduates in accountancy, legal, engineering or computing with 0-2 years industry experience.
  • All our team leaders are graduates in accountancy, legal, engineering or computing with 3-5 years industry experience.
  • All our managers have similar qualifications to their subordinates. In addition, they will have management experience and will have worked abroad, preferably in the Western world.
  • Candidates are screened for English language skills, aptitude, analytical abilities, communication and program specific capabilities.
  • Security checks are carried out and credentials verified.
  • All new recruits undergo basic training in communication, customer service, and UK culture.
  • Further, there is 'client specific' training based on the project requirements. This can take 2-8 weeks.
  • During the transition from training to operations, the associates will be closely monitored by the relevant managers
  • Ad hoc training is conducted as and when any functionality change occurs on client business that necessitates a change in the system.


  • Location : HarrisBPO worldwide headquarters are in Slough, Berkshire. We also run over 15,000 sq ft of operations in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, India.
  • Connectivity : We use highly secured Virtual Private Network (VPN) with Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS). This MPLS interconnects all of our sites and remote workers into a single company-wide communications network, merging voice, data and multimedia applications. Through Classes-of-Service, the network can distinguish between high priority traffic such as voice, mission-critical data applications, multimedia and non time sensitive traffic such as email and web browsing. Network monitoring and management is done on a 24x7 basis.
  • Servers : Our servers are a combination of midrange servers which can handle enterprise-wide and mission critical applications. They have full hardware redundancy and are placed in highly secured environments.
  • Data Backup : The data backup is done every day, taking place on site and in remotely-located backup servers.

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