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HarrisBPO offers customised outsourced bookkeeping and accountancy services. All of part of your bookkeeping can be outsourced through HarrisBPO and we can customise our services to suit your requirements. We can configure remote managed, paperless environments, with document scanning and internet access to accounting applications or set-up a full onsite operation for you.

HarrisBPO accountancy services are delivered by high calibre staff, overseen by UK-qualified accountants and an experienced project manager. You can have complete confidence in us, thanks to a comprehensive service level agreement which is underpinned by quality processes, checks and balances.

Key Benefits
1. Reduce the running costs of your accounting function by at least 25%.
2. Have access to a flexible workforce and eliminate the issues associated with recruiting and retaining accounting staff.
3. Concentrate your efforts on growing your business, instead of doing process jobs.

Read more about benefits of outsourcing your accountancy processes.

Accountancy Firms Special Offer
HarrisBPO also offers customised bookkeeping outsourcing for accountancy firms. Find out more about what's in it for your firm.

Input is obtained from clients in paper or electronic format. All paper documents are scanned and returned within 48 hours. E-Books of Accounts (EBOA) are prepared from the input provided. The EBOA is indexed for easy search and retrieval of information or data. All individual documents carry a unique reference number which can be traced to a transaction in our accounting system. Data is entered into our ERP system which has quality control checks throughout the process.

The data is stored securely with measures taken to ensure high availability. It is backed-up daily to ensure disaster recovery. As a client, you are informed when the job is completed and can access your accounts through a secure web connection. You can then undertake further activities, such as inputting extra data, running reports, or sending BACS files to the bank.

Bank Account and Cash Flow Management
We can handle reconciliations and processing for a large number of multi-currency bank accounts; receipts and payments can be processed in any currency. The client can provide bank statements in paper or electronic format, or arrangements can be made whereby electronic bank statements are delivered directly to us.

Bank reconciliations are carried out and any bank charges accounted accordingly. Facilities are available to set up direct debits and standing orders. BACS interface to your bank can be made available on request. Petty cash reconciliation is also carried out as part of the process.

Clients can run reports at any time to find out cash requirements and expected shortfall. It is also possible to generate periodical reports for submission to banks/financial institutions/investors. We can customise a report according to your specifications - an invaluable service that can help you win business and/or finance.

Expenses claims of anyone providing services to the company can be obtained in paper and/or electronic format. HarrisBPO can also provide templates for expenses claims that are easy to complete. If you wish, employees can also enter the expenses claims on our website in a special clients' section. This helps employees who are mobile or away from the office.

Expense claims are audited before inputting into the system and any discrepancy reported to the appropriate person in your company.

Value Added Tax
VAT return is not something to put off until the very last hour of the very last day. Our system allows you to generate your VAT return for the quarter quickly and accurately, as long as you keep your books of accounts up to date. VAT is a tax on transactions, not their results. We maintain your VAT-related accounts in such a way that they are recorded separately, so as to tie up with your VAT summary. For example:

  • All standard-rated goods and services you receive or supply
  • Any tax exempt supplies you make
  • All zero-rated goods and services 

We can also deal with your VAT returns for each quarter and file them online, which gives you the following benefits:

  • It is simpler and quicker than paper
  • Online checks help complete correct VAT returns
  • You have an extra seven days to submit your VAT return
  • Immediate confirmation and receipt of your VAT return 

We can register you for online VAT FREE. We also cater to special VAT needs, depending on the nature of your business and whether you use any special accounting schemes such as:

  • Retail Scheme
  • Cash Accounting Scheme
  • Second Hand Schemes 

If your company supplies goods to traders in another EC country, we can send an electronic copy of your EC Sales List declaration to Customs and Excise.

Corporation Tax
This service is applicable only to Limited Companies, where corporation tax is paid on their profits.

Tax compliance requires considerable time and effort (especially gathering data) and the process should be as efficient as possible. The Inland Revenue are increasingly focusing on the way that data is collected from the accounting system, as well as looking at the data itself. We constantly update your books of accounts with regard to all company expenditure and income in order to work out your precise corporation tax liability You have the security of knowing that we file an accurate return on your behalf, so you can pay tax on time and avoid penalty and interest.

We also maintain details of all your receipts and expenses, sales and purchases and all other supporting documents which you are legally obliged to supply with your company tax return. Our processes are highly integrated - we avoid transfer of accounting data to manual analysis spreadsheets and then into tax computation software, a process which we believe leads to inaccuracies and errors. We can calculate your corporation tax liability according to the prevailing statute and can fill your self assessment Company Tax Return Form CT 600 for submission to HM Revenue & Customs.

With your authorisation, we can file your Company Tax returns online. We can provide all the details required for the preparation and submission of tax computations, correspondence and agreement of the company's tax liabilities to your tax consultants. This means that they deal with your corporation tax matters more quickly and efficiently. We also send email reminders of the dates to submit the tax return and pay corporation tax.

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