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Outsourcing Accountancy Processes

1. Reduce the running costs of your accounting function by at least 25%.
2. Have access to a flexible workforce and eliminate the issues associated
    with recruiting and retaining accounting staff.
3. Implement an easy-to-use, web-based general ledger.
4. Reduce costs by removing the need for in-house accountancy software.
5. Utilise cost-effective expertise.
6. Reduce the hassle associated with regulatory compliance.
7. Standardise financial reports and make your reports more informative.
8. Concentrate your efforts on growing your business, instead of just running     it.

Outsourcing Scanning, Document Management and Archiving

1. Stop wasting time filing and searching for documents. Search and find files in     seconds with your computer.
2. One CD-ROM can hold the equivalent of about four filing cabinets of papers.     Saving office space and storage space equals saving money.
3. Risk management: In the event of fire or flood, theft (or misfiled document),     an electronic backup of your secure and sensitive files can give you     confidence in your disaster recovery plan.
4. With digital documents more than one person can access files at the same     time from anywhere in the world.
5. Search text within a document. Documents can be coded, metatagged and     indexed so that users can search through files for keywords as easily as     using Google. Accounts documents can be coded by pre-defined data fields.

Outsourcing Business Processes

1. Make cost savings
2. Reduce the running costs of your back office function by at least 25%.
3. Have a flexible workforce and eliminate the issues associated with recruiting     and retaining staff.
4. Allow your back office function to flex with demand.
5. Improve your responsiveness to fluctuating business conditions.
6. Concentrate your efforts on expanding your market share.

Outsourcing Software Services

1. Save costs with projects delivered on time and to budget.
2. Reduce unpredictability in planning with a guaranteed project delivery time.
3. Ensure system integrity - comprehensive testing ensures stability.
4. Improve bottom line and customer satisfaction - our combination of     commercial sense and technical understanding means that your systems will     help your business operate at maximum efficiency.
5. Mitigate security threats - we locate and remove anything untoward from     your systems.
6. Have more time at your disposal. We take care of software development so     you can focus on propelling your business forward.
7. Take advantage of new technology - our team can ensure that you stay     abreast of developments by ensuring seamless upgrades and transitions to     new systems.
8. Utilise a 24/7 flexible, reliable workforce.
9. Eliminate the difficulties of recruiting and retaining the right IT staff and     expand or contract your IT function as necessary to adjust to variable     business conditions.


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