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What if I have special requirements?
The HarrisBPO service options are designed to cover the majority of client requirements. We recognise that in some instances you will want additional services or to customise the process in some way to tie in with the way you work. Our business is to help your business and therefore we are more than happy to work with you. To do this we assign a project manager to work with you to ensure that your requirements are met in full.

What about the quality - will it be as good as in-house work?
We guarantee the highest quality standards. In fact, at HarrisBPO the service we can provide is often superior to an in-house arrangement. Every piece of work is checked and double checked for accuracy with each of our teams overseen by quality assurance specialists external to the team.

How much time will you save me?
Because we have teams of people working in shifts, we can run a 24 hour operation. Our target is to save you 50% of your time and 20% of your cost.

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