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 Document Scanning and Image Enhancement
Create a Digital Archive or Searchable Database
Final output: Digital Archive or CD-ROM
 Litigation Support
Word Processing / Transcription/ Proofreading Services
Electronic storage of company documents is one of the easiest ways to improve the operating efficiency of an organisation. Digital media makes documents accessible, secure, searchable and storable.

HarrisBPO offers a cost-effective and secure digitisation service including scanning, archiving, key-word tagging, metadata and document management. We have experience in digitising all types of media from paper documents, magazines and books, to microfilm, microfiche, transparencies and negatives. We have digitised handwritten documents, photographs and drawings, foreign languages and character sets.

Key Benefits
1. Stop wasting time filing and searching for documents.
2. Save office space and storage space.
3. An electronic backup of your files can give you confidence in your disaster recovery plan.
4. Search text within a document. Documents can be indexed so that users can search through files for keywords as easily as using Google

Read more about benefits of outsourcing your document management.

1. 2.
Paper documents,intelectual property and back issues of publications are better off stored as electronic files. A high speed scanner is used to digitise the documents
3. 4.
Documents can be made fully word searchable by text,meta tag or Keyword if required using Optical Character Recognition(OCR) Software and data entry. Documents are saved onto CD-ROM or to an online document archive.Users can easily search for a document or for text within a document.

Whether you have a small number of files that need scanning urgently, a storeroom of back issues to archive, or you would like to set up an ongoing document management system, we have the experience to make this work. We ensure that while scanning and archiving work is taking place there will be no interruption to the normal running of your business.

Document scanning and image enhancement
Scanning and digitising documents is a simple way to clear away paper while retaining information. Our high speed scanners allow us to process up to 60,000 digitisations each day. Any size or shape of document can be scanned including single or double-sided pages and magazines.

To create print quality electronic documents, the scanned versions can be digitally enhanced, removing any artefacts such as handwritten or stamp marks.

Images can be digitally enhanced to improve quality and remove artefacts such as marks and handwritten notes.

Create a digital archive or searchable database
A searchable archive of your intellectual property such as back issues of your publications can be a valuable asset to your company and your customers.

To create an archive, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is used to extract data from scanned files. OCR software recognises text, images, and tables from a scanned media and converts them into a format that can be edited using a word processor, spreadsheet or image editing software. Documents can then be searched so that when a word or a phrase is entered, the matching words or phrases will be highlighted in the electronic image.

All scanning is conducted here in the UK. The process is so efficient that the original documents are normally scanned and returned within 48 hours. The images are then sent to our operations in India for indexing and coding.

You can have complete confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the information because strict quality control measures are in place at all stages of the process.

Final output: digital archive or CD-ROM
Your digital files can be put onto CD-ROMs or HarrisBPO can implement an online document repository on your behalf. You and your customers can search all your documents for key words as easily as using Google.

Litigation support
HarrisBPO offers a comprehensive range of litigation support services to assist solicitors, lawyers and law practices with their essential core activities such as document management, transcription, research and proof reading.

It is imperative for a legal practice to execute these tasks with speed, efficiency and at a reasonable cost. These factors affect not only the profitability, but also the quality of the service they provide. Outsourcing these tasks to a trusted, cost-effective external centre of competence such as HarrisBPO is an inspired business tactic. HarrisBPO can place a team of legal graduates at your disposal to assist you with your legal processing requirements, allowing you the flexibility of an on-demand team that can grow or diminish depending on demand. This extra capacity can complement your in-house resource without creating a burgeoning cost structure. HarrisBPO legal outsourcing is a competent, trusted and responsive resource. Using HarrisBPO for the following tasks can relieve your practice of pressure and unwanted costs.

Word processing / transcription/ proofreading services
To aid in the creation of required documents HarrisBPO can deliver a range of services from audio transcription to standard template-based letters with double checked, quality-controlled proofreading. We can transcribe audio recordings into word documents including translations if required.

Research services
We have the capacity and expertise to undertake any and all legal research requirements. These can range from basic library services - such as business information and competitive intelligence - to more analytical projects, such as statutory and case law research.

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